Land conservation efforts have been underway in the Willistown area of Chester County, PA, for over 35 years. Located on a rural oasis just 20 miles from the city of Philadelphia, Rushton Woods Preserve is one of the lands protected by the Willistown Conservation Trust, a local land trust devoted to protecting natural areas from encroaching sprawling development.

This 86-acre preserve is featured with mature woodland, open meadows, a creek, and Rushton Farm, center of the Trust’s Community Farm Program. Hosting a variety of wildlife while serving as a hotspot for community activities,  Rushton Woods Preserve is considered a model of preserved land that provides a symbiosis relationship between human and the ecosystem.

This video covers three primary aspects of conservation efforts by the Willistown Conservation Trust: 1) community farm program; 2) bird conservation; and 3) habitat restoration. Featuring interviews with 18 people from diverse backgrounds — WCT program directors, board member, staff, interns, volunteers, community members, and students — the film hopes to showcase the complexities of land conservation and present Rushton’s example in conserving natural habitats and accommodating human need.