(Published in Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine)

Areas of Douglas County look much different today than they did a year ago when the threat of wildfire became very real and the Germann Road Fire ignited.

When the emergency call rang May 14, 2013, the fire was so intense that it eventually burned enough acreage to earn the status as the largest forest fire to burn in Wisconsin since the 1980 Ekdall Church and Oak Lake fires that consumed more than 200 buildings.

This time, though, while 23 homes were lost and nearly 7,500 acres were scorched, 350 other buildings were saved and the fire, despite its size, was contained within 30 hours.

It’s no coincidence or pure luck that there were no injuries or fatalities. DNR staff who worked on the Germann Road Fire agree that a well–kept multi–agency partnership and rapid and effective response by firefighting crews likely saved lives and homes…

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