“Color is the most relative medium in art.” Said Josef Albers.

I can’t agree with it more. Here’s my experiment on the interaction of colors: a brown core color against five families of background colors (greens, blues, purples, yellows,and black-and-whites).

A. Comparison among colors in the same family:image

1.Stronger contrast of brown stars against the background in deepest and lightest colors.

2. Color values of stars ascend as the background color gets lighter.

3. Star size varies against different colors-smaller in more opaque and muted tones and bigger in brighter or lighter colors.

4. Star color appears brighter in darkest and lightest backgrounds and dimmer in middle tones.

B. Vertical comparison of different hues:


1. Value of star color appears more different between middle tones.

2. Brightness of star appears higher in stronger contrast and lower in poorer contrast.

3. Combination of star and its background create 1+1>2 effect.